Short Plays

Award winning short plays from John Mawson & Rob Smith.

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Performance royalties

Play on Words charges 15% of gross box-office receipts for musicals and non-musical productions and $50 per performance for one act plays. The royalty charge for theatre restaurant shows is $2 per audience member. These rates allow small companies and groups to put on one of our shows without a large up-front commitment. Read about arranging a performance.

Scripts are available for all short plays.

Title Cast Running Time
Your Words, Not Mine New! 2 adults of either gender 12 mins
The Proposal New! 2 Males and 1 Female 12 Minutes
Beyond the Glass Ceiling New! One Male and One Female 12 Minutes
Heads Will Roll New! 6 Adults. Mixed gender 11 Minutes
The Big Race New! 3 (1 Male and 1 Female plus 1 of either) 14 Minutes
Flying the Flag New! 1 Male + 5 mixed 15 minutes
Witches New! 5 Women, 4 Men 14 Minutes