One Act Plays

Award winning one act plays from John Mawson & Rob Smith, Eve Old and Mark Clark.

Free perusal service

Contact us regarding the materials you wish to peruse. Your only obligation is to return what you don't wish to buy.

Performance royalties

Play on Words charges 15% of gross box-office receipts for musicals and non-musical productions and $50 per performance for one act plays. The royalty charge for theatre restaurant shows is $2 per audience member. These rates allow small companies and groups to put on one of our shows without a large up-front commitment. Read about arranging a performance.

Scripts are available for all one act plays.

Title Cast Running Time
Anzac Biscuits New! 2M 6F 35 minutes
Bad Blood 1M,3F Less than 45min
Blood Brothers 2M, 4F Less than 45mins
Collision 2M Less than 45min
Five Candles for Danny 1M, 4F Less than 45mins
Good Counsel 2M, 1F Less than 45min
In Sheeps Clothing 6M, 3F Less than 45min
Just a Straight Man 2M Less than 45min
Just Below the Surface 1M, 2F, 3Youth Less than 45min
Lament For the Living 1M, 1F Less than 45mins
Mr Allegory's Puppy School 6M, 6F Less than 45min
Perceptions 1M, 3F, 1Either Less than 45min
Schoolies 3M, 7F Less than 45min
Sherry Before Six 1M, 3F Less than 45mins
Shock Jock 3M, 1F Less than 45min
Squatters, Strumpets and Sly-Grog 10M, 5F Less than 45mins
Stooge. The Anti-Scrooge 23 varied, can be doubled Less than 45mins
The Bridal Train 5M, 5F Less than 45min
The Casemoth 1M, 4F Less than 45mins
The Curious Case of Mr Blackie 7 people Less than 45mins
The Gift 2M, 3F Less than 45mins
The Parable of the Potters 3M, 2F Less than 45mins
The Queen Vs Dudley and Stevens 3M Less than 45mins
When the Circus Comes to Town Up to 7 people Less than 45mins
Yellow Envelopes Five Adults. 30 minutes
Ups and Downs New! 2M 35 minutes
GATE New! 3 Adult Males - two older, one younger 22 Minutes
One Morning at the Market New! 6 mixed, but at least 2 males and 1 female 25 minutes