Counting Down The Hours

Who's performed this show?

Grafton Theater Company NSW


This moving play in two acts tells the story of the bitter-sweet relationship which develops between Mr Foster, a nursing home resident, and Kelvin, an errant teenager serving out a community-based sentence in the home. At first the two appear to have little in common but as the play develops it becomes increasingly obvious that the two need each other more than they are willing to admit. Add to this odd couple, Sister Knightsleigh, and we have three complex characters, all of whom wish to be anywhere but where they are. When the play ends we are still left wondering whether Kelvin's friendship with the old man had more sinister overtones than it appears on the surface.

You'll laugh and cry as the story unfolds. The show ran a season at La Mamas in Melbourne and features two male and one female actor.

Written by Graeme Forsyth