The Tribunal

'Play On Words - POW means WOW!'


The play opens with informal chat in the Tribunal room where tribunal members Jack Fazackerley, Jim Eddington, Brian Savage and Claire Britten are debating the merits or otherwise of the new racial vilification rules. The scene then switches to long serving coach "The Axeman" screaming at young player Byron Morgan imploring him to "put out of the game" the aboriginal football player, and reluctant champion, Daniel Burra. But more has occurred than mere physical pressure and Daniel is convinced by the memory of his father, via his mother Francie to report a case of vilification.

The waters become further clouded by the presence of TV journalists and the written media, and by Miles Murray, a headline grabbing litigation specialist and Amanda Melios, a confident young lawyer who specialises in social issues.

Things are suddenly outside the control of both Daniel and Byron as other agendas, including those of the opposing clubs take over to drive events inextricably towards a conclusion which no-one could have foreseen.

This is a thought provoking and entertaining drama based on contemporary issues which are wrapped within a story to which everyone can relate.

The play has four scenes but only two sets. It features fifteen characters (9 male, 6 female) of varied ages.

A play in Four Quarters by Richard Yaxley