No Time On

'An entertaining and humorous look at THE Australian sport.'

Who's performed this show?

Caulfield Theatre Company Vic La Mama Melbourne Vic Mt Gambier Theatre group SA Sterling Players SA


Gilgerie is a country town which is dying after being bypassed by a new highway and losing its fertiliser factory. Even worse, the Gilgerie Roosters have not won a premiership for 27 years. It now needs to win "the flag" to restore some pride to a community on its knees.

The key to the grand plan is the signing, as Captain-Coach, of AFL legend Shark Bateman, a larger than life character, who brings with him as many problems as he solves.

No Time On is more about human frailties and life in general than it is about football. But those of us who have had anything to do with footy in bush clubs will recognise the characters presented in the play. You'll laugh and you'll cry as fiction becomes entwined with reality.

The plot is riveting and we must wait until the very end to discover whether Shark and Gilgerie have what it takes.

The play is very funny, but there is an underlying sadness, as the various insecurities of the characters are exposed. Time is running out for both Gilgerie and Shark. As Barbie, Shark's long suffering wife, exclaims: "You are kicking against the wind and there's no time on."

The play also mirrors the predicament of many country towns who boldly cling to their footy team as their only source of identity. No Time On is a superb play which has been staged in Melbourne and Geelong as well as in country centres.

No Time On runs for 90 minutes and features eight great characters. Grab it now before the siren sounds.

Your team can't lose.

Written by Graeme Forsyth


No Time On has proven a runaway success in its numerous productions. The reviews tell the story: