There's More to Life Than Sex & Money

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Colin Blanchard is a shonky lawyer who has a plan to defraud ten million dollars from an estate for which he has been appointed executor. His scheme begins to unravel with the hiring of a small-time "actress", Felicity Fondling, whose lack of intelligence makes her role in the scam evaporate.

The scheme is further undermined when Blanchard's lovestruck, but moralistic, secretary uncovers details of the plan and threatens to tell all in the interests of the real beneficiaries.

The unheralded arrival of the slightly deranged judge, Lex Talionis who is running to escape retribution from Laurence Grubble, the father of a wrongly sentenced (to death!) motorist makes Blanchard's elaborate sting impossible.

A new client, Rodney Orphington (a chicken sexer) storms into the office wanting representation to defend a charge of assault on a chicken mascot outside a fast food outlet. It is love at first sight between Rodney and Felicity who unbeknownst to him was inside the chicken suit!

There's More to Life than Sex and Money is a farcical romp in two acts. It races along with very funny dialogue, riotous situations and memorable characters. In short it is great fun! The show was work shopped at the Australian National Playwrights conference in Canberra under director Neil Armfield. It has 6 characters and runs for 90 minutes. It is highly recommended.

Written by John Marshall