Sherry Before Six

Who's performed this show?

Ararat Theatre Company Vic Bell Theatre Group Qld Bordertown Theatre group SA Company of Seven Grenfell Drama Society NSW Ingham Theatrical Group Qld Korumburra Drama Society Vic Lithgow Theatre Company NSW Narrogin Repertory Group WA Sterling Players SA Twin Town Players NSW


Lucinda Whytcross is a nice ordinary Australian girl living in a nice ordinary Australian town. She is in the throes of having her nice ordinary house painted by the nice ordinary painter Tom Bennett. Lucinda's tentative romance is sabotaged by her best friend Francine, via a variety of innovative ploys. Lucinda is surprised by her mother's visit — surprised because she has been dead for three months! Mummy is not happy and is insisting that her ashes be interred within daddy's grave. Lucinda decides to circumnavigate an uncooperative cemetery trust by mixing mummy's ashes with paint intending to paint the angel on Daddy's grave. Tom however paints the bottom of a boat! The play requires three female and one male actor.

Written by Eve Old