In Sheep's Clothing

Who's performed this show?

The Henry Lawson Theatre NSW


A violent blizzard has snowed in the residents of an apartment building. A removalist has just arrived with the furniture of a new tenant and the confusion which follows concerning room numbers is a portent of the inter-woven mystery which is to follow.

The shadowy figure of Cleave sets the tone of darkness, forever appearing to startle frightened tenants who have just been warned of the likely presence in the building of a serial killer. The discovery of a body further heightens the sense of fear, which later reaches fever pitch with another murder. The presence of a police inspector only complicates this tapestry of suspense, especially when all contact with the outside world is lost. And are there others in the building who we don't know about? In true Agatha Christie style, everyone has reason to be suspected. Who can be trusted? Who is telling the truth? Is anyone really who they profess to be? The mystery will not be unravelled until the last line of the play. Even when it seems over and everything is revealed, there is still more to come.

In Sheep's Clothing will have audiences on the edge of their seats from start to finish. If you want a play to keep everyone guessing, then stage it now.

Written by John Mawson & Rob Smith