The Parable of the Potters

Who's performed this show?

Ararat Theatre Company Vic Castlemaine Theatre Company Vic Company of Seven Group Drumborg Hall Group Vic Emerald Little Theatre Qld Glasshouse Players Qld Katanning Drama Society WA Newman Drama Society WA Narrogin Repertory Society WA Sofala Progress Association NSW Stuarts Point Players NSW Tempo Theatre Company ACT The Reed Family Twin Town Players NSW Winchelsea Repertory Society Vic Yarra Valley Youth Theatre Vic


Things are crook in Didjabringyagrogalong. Darren, the prodigal younger son of Kev and Shirl Potter, racked off to attend TAFE and hasn't been seen since. Neither has Cheryl, Dazza's brother's fiancé. Craig, Dazza's brother, is so cheesed off when the prodigal son returns to an open-armed welcome that he freezes the action and rewinds. The play answers many serious questions. Is Arnold Scwarzenegger about to be murdered? Where's Cheryls' engagement ring? What's the current market for second-hand virgins? When's it going to bloody rain? A very funny, very Australian one-act play. Two female and three male actors.

Written by Eve Old