Just a Straight Man, performed by Tiger Theatre

'"Possibly the most successful one act play in England over the last few years" - Bob Thompson (Tiger Productions)'

Who's performed this show?

Abbey Players UK (Twice) Ararat Theatre Company Vic Darlington Theatre Players WA Peridot Theatre Inc Vic The Henry Lawson Theatre NSW (Twice) Tiger Theatrical Productions UK (Twice)



Trevor and Barney are a hit duo comedy act. They are waiting back stage preparing for another night at the Riviera Club. But Trevor and Barney are not the friends you would expect. Barney believes that Trevor is jealous of the laughs he gets and goads Trevor as being “just a straight man”. He then starts questioning Trevor about his state of mind and whether he needs counselling. As their tense interchanges continue, dark secrets begin to be exposed that lead to a giant twist that audiences won’t see coming.

Cast: 2 male Actors

Written by John Mawson & Rob Smith


Tiger Theatre's 2013 season of Just a Straight Man won multiple awards in the UK’s top drama festivals. Pictured are the cast members Bob Thomson (left) and Adam Dryer (right) being presented with their award in the Sir Michael Caine Best Play award by Virginia McKenna of Born Free fame.

Just A Straight Man was also invited to the 2013 All England Winners Final and gained a nomination for Best Play. While it did not win the award it was one of only three plays to be nominated for best play out of all the winners of the UK festivals.

Haverhill Festival 2013 (UK)



Skegness Festival 2013 (UK) WGC Festival 2013 (UK) Maidenhead Festival 2013 (UK)


Leatherhead Festival 2013 (UK)


In 2015 Abbey Players staged Just a Straight Man in a number festivals and were successful in progressing to the semi-finals of the All England Competition where it was defeated by one point by the eventual winners of the overall competition. On its way it collected the following awards:

Abbey Players

Nuneaton Festival 2015 (UK)

Nottingham Festival 2015 (UK)

2016 saw Tiger Theatrical Productions' again take Just a Straight Man to a series of Festivals, again with great success

Southern Counties Drama Festival 2016 (UK)

Sawston Drama Festival 2016 (UK)

"Rob Smith and John Mawson have written many award winning, 45-minute plays, with this being one of their best. One of the very best short plays this year." - Gordon the Optom (Independent Theatre Association)

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