Five Candles for Danny

Who's performed this show?

Company of Seven SA Dog's Dinner Theatre Productions Vic Grenfell Drama Society NSW Mirandas Dressing Room Narracorte Drama Society SA Noosa Amateur Theatre Qld


Winner of the 1997 National one act play competition and the Nancy Cato prize. Successful entrant in one act play festivals and winner of several best actress awards. A tender and sometimes funny drama with a powerful role for a mature woman. Requires four female and one male actor.

The action takes place on the evening of Danny Slatter's 50th birthday, the day of five candles. Danny is the Down Syndrome son of Vera Slatter, an elderly widow with cancer of the uterus and requiring an impending operation. Vera's only support, her sister Jessie is suffering from Alzheimer's disease, but we see her as she was, a vibrant, energetic twenty five year old. Vera's daughters are selfish socialites, pushing to have Danny institutionalised. Danny's day starts with a candle at breakfast, and ends with a fifth candle on a slice of birthday cake, a glass of chocky milk and a promise he'll see his beloved dog in the morning.

Written by Eve Old