The Casemoth

Who's performed this show?

Bridgetown Drama Society WA Grenfell Drama Society NSW Lithgow Drama Society NSW Upper Hunter Mummers NSW


Middle-aged Thelma's life is at the crossroads — her son wants her to move into a retirement village, her daughter's become hyphenated, her grandchildren are an advertisement for compulsory contraception. Thel's friends, Dottie and Peg decide that something must be done. Peg inveigles Thelma into applying for a live-in job as a housekeeper-secretary with a one-armed Vietnam vet. Is Thelma going to be a Kate and drive a car and a computer and sing “Wild Thing” standing on a chair in a Greek café Or is she going to sink quietly into a comfortable Bingo-haunted twilight? This play, winner of a 1998 one-act play competition, has character roles for three mature women, a mature man and a young woman.

Written by Eve Old