You never know where you'll find love

Love and Marriage

Who's performed this show?

Ararat Theatre Company Vic


This very different show revolves around the pending weddings of three employees of the secretive submarine manufacturer Subcorp.  Constance and Yvonne are well advanced on their wedding plans whereas their work mate Leanne is unlucky in love.  Browsing in a wedding boutique Leanne is bulldozed into trying on a wedding dress by a pushy sales assistant.  To cut short a messy conversation about her upcoming plans, Leanne whilst in the fitting room concocts a story about her upcoming wedding.  Unfortunately this is overheard by Yvonne and Constance who the next day express such relief the Leanne "isn't being left on the shelf".  Leanne feels she cannot now admit that she has no groom so she plays along with the lie, hoping to acquire a man before the wedding date.

Her attempts at internet dating, plus the antics of Yvonne's philandering father make for great comedy with a touch or pathos.

Extremely well received at its premiere in 2015, this show is a guaranteed winner.

Written by John Mawson & Rob Smith