When your luck changes, it does so in a big way!

Mallee Roots New!

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Ararat Theatre Company Vic KSP Theatre Qld Rainbow Players Inc Vic Winchelsea Repertory Society Vic


Ron and Joyce farmer are Mallee wheat growers with their property heavily mortgaged to the bank. Through the actions of their local bank manager who has ulterior motives to evict them, Ron and Joyce are forced to move to the big city where they will be close to their only child, a doctor, who is pregnant with her first child. The move will also hopefully allow Ron to find work. But an unhappy Ron finds that luck has definitely turned against him and through a series of incidents finally lands in jail, accused of murder.

Can Ron's luck change and can he ever return to his beloved Mallee roots?

A witty, funny and at times moving story with great roles for actors of all ages.

Written by John Mawson & Rob Smith







Mallee Roots

Mallee Roots