Out on the Patio

Who's performed this show?

Ararat Theatre Company Vic Bell Theatre Company Qld Keith Players SA Winchelsea Repertory Society Vic


Georgina Winston-Roberts, with eyes on politics and eventually the Prime Ministership, tries to control the family property Winston Downs, tries to control the community, and tries to control her family. She arranges a garden party which aims to consolidate her social status, her run for the shire presidential position, the showcasing of “her” property, plus it will endear herself to the new doctors. Georgina's father is the owner of Winston Downs but is in the twilight of his life, and has become an embarrassment to Georgina who wishes to hide him during the garden party. Georgina is treasurer of the local surgery wing fundraising committee and is aiming to make a big splash by presenting the doctors with the money in cash. The return of her prodigal son and his new fiancée further complicate matters as does the arrival of her less than desirable neighbour, Kenny Barlow who raises ostriches and alpacas. The day stumbles from disaster to disaster as Georgina's world unravels. In the end Georgina has made a big impact on the community, but not one which she could have foreseen.

Very funny with many good roles. Cast around 20, with about even numbers of males and females (although some roles are not gender specific).

Written by John Mawson & Rob Smith