The Paradise Club

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Ararat Theatre Company Vic Bell Theatre Group Qld


Johnnie the Weasel” is the only son of Big Vinnie Calpesi, a crime boss who makes his money from various illegal activities, but particularly from race fixing and gambling. Big Vinnie has financed “The Paradise Club” as a venture to keep Johnnie away from the real business run by himself and his soon to be son-in-law, Nick. However things are not going Big Vinnie’s way. He has made some big losses on the horses, and is gradually losing territory to his cross-river rival, Ma Belcher and her daughters. Not helping him is the constant attention he is receiving from Elliott Mess and his Touchables, a group of special agents on the take. Bingo-playing protesters wishing the return of the church hall Vinnie has bought for the club is a further annoyance. Can things be turned around? The arrival of Leslie Taylor, a creative accountant from Sydney gives some cause for optimism. She has the sting to end all stings. If successful it will see Big Vinnie on top again and Ma Belcher ruined.

The question is, can the scheme work?

Written by John Mawson & Rob Smith


The Paradise Club

Bell Theatre Group Qld