Once Upon a Spacetime

'Forget Star Trek, this was brilliant!'



A new musical for a new millennium. Once Upon a Space Time charts the story of a group of intrepid colonists who are on a journey from the dying Earth to the new world on the planet Proxima I. All passengers have been cryogenically frozen, to be awakened in sequence by the scientists who will be first to arise. Major problems are apparent from the start of the play when we realise that all the workers have awoken first and have absolutely no idea why they are there, or even where they are, or where they are going. The first scientist awakes and is horrified to find that he is the only scientist left since the workers have mistaken the cryogenic chamber for the fridge!


A series of video presentations reveals what the mission is all about and what has transpired to create the crisis on the ship. On reaching Proxima I, further sinister factors come into play as the love, intrigue and surprise all combine into a memorable ending. Interesting characters, lively music and an imaginative plot make Once Upon a Space Time a great choice for your next musical.

Written by Mark Clark

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