Ponsemby's Castle

'Full houses every night!'

Who's performed this show?

Ashwood College, VIC Geilston Bay High School, TAS MacKillop College, VIC Theatre Eight, WA


This is a wonderful show with fantastic characters. Ponsemby is an upper class twit, and his genes flowed true to his twitish son, Vaucluse, and daughter, Rose. His friend Charles is no better. This group is an environmental scourge, having shot all the animals and reduced his estate's forest to three remaninig talking trees.

The forest abounds with lumberjacks, the Four Twits, Chip Wood and Jaques Lumber. The last trees don't survive despite the efforts of Conservationist Teresa Green. Natasha the Witch introduces herself with a song of the same name. She plots to turn everyone into her slaves. The second act finds everyone in the castle, including the three trees which, sadly, end up in the fire.

Natasha the Witch appears to be achieving her evil ends, when the tide turns and our heroes are heading for a happy ending. But the ending is full of surprises. We're not going to spoil it here. This a great show for all-girl casts. Great songs, colourful costumes and dance. Why not take advantage of our free perusal service?

Script and music by Mark Clark

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