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Who's performed this show?

Ararat College, VIC Beaufort Secondary College, Vic Creative Works Youth Theatre, WA Dannevirke High School, NZ Daylesford Secondary College, VIC Ellesmere College, NZ Innisvale State High School, QLD Mission Heights High School, NZ Mt Carmel College, TAS Pittsworth State High School, QLD St Columban's College, QLD Sunbury Downs Sec. College, VIC Winnaleah High School, TAS


It's the school musical versus the Rock Eisteddfod — can they both be winners?

This is a story that will be familiar to all who have ever gone to school — the tensions which develop between teenage groups which manifest themselves in hilarious situations. In School Rox there are the sports-mad “Jocks”, the straight “Nerds”, the beautiful girls “Prom Queens (Prommies)”, the other girls “The Tragics” and Cack's gang of “Dorks”. There is a certain order among these groups until the arrival of a new student who suggests the school participate in the Rock Eisteddfod but this can only happen at the cost of the Annual Musical. This is where all hell breaks loose.

Schemes and counter-schemes abound as each group jockeys for the upper hand. It is wheels within wheels as groups splinter, new friendships are made and new loves are found. But out of chaos and conflict new opportunities arise. School Rox gives great scope to showcase your dancers, singers and actors. The musical score is the brilliant debut of the internationally renowned musician and performer Shaula Salathé. It is also a brilliantly funny show.

School Rox is written to allow schools to showcase their Rock Eisteddfod and its performers (or dance groups) within their Musical.

Written by John Mawson and Rob Smith, music by Shaula Salathé, arranged by Dean Moore

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