A toy factory is the scene of the action, but it is the bank next door that is the real target

Toy Money

Who's performed this show?

Lake Bolac College (Prim) Vic (Twice) Mount Blowhard Primary School VIC Willaura Primary School Vic


Ramsays Toys is an outdated toy company making outdated toys. Its designers, Alfred and Doris, are mentally spent and the company is struggling to compete with its teddy bears and dolls against the new generation of robots and computer games. In attempt to update it's image, the company's owner Dale Ramsay, advertises for new designers and that's where the fun starts. Enter Clive and Babs, cleaners from the competitor Mega Toys who have been sent to apply for the designers jobs but are really there to spy on Ramsays. Enter also Big Arthur and his gang of brainless thugs whose aim is to rob the bank next door to the factory.

Add to this the security guards Donny and Danny and we get bumbling and comical groups who operate at cross purposes to create chaos within the factory and push the play towards an ending which comes as a surprise to everyone. Great chorus groups including the ridiculous toys which are made by makeshift designers with differing agendas complete a fabric of fun and games.

Toy Money has great music and the show provides the opportunity for spectacular costumes and imaginative sets.

Written by John Mawson and Rob Smith, music by David Nicholson

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