Robin Hood

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Catholic College Sale, VIC Henderson High School, NZ Melba Copland College, ACT Millicent High School, SA Murtoa Amateur Dramatic Society, VIC Red Bend Catholic College, NSW South Oakleigh Secondary College, VIC St Joseph's High School, NSW Timboon P-12 College, VIC Wheelers Hill Sec. College, VIC



The traditional story of Robin Hood finds King Richard abroad at the Crusades, having left his Kingdom in the hands of the odious Prince John. In Nottingham, the evil Sheriff has fallen out with Robin of Locksley and is persecuting him and his supporters. Robin wins the archery contest that the Sheriff has staged to impress Prince John and, to add insult to injury, wins the attentions of Maid Marian, upon whom the Sheriff has designs.

Robin and his merry men and women flee to the safety of Sherwood Forest, unfortunately leaving Maid Marian in Nottingham at the mercy of the Sheriff. The Sheriff forces Marian to agree to marry him by threatening her mother whom he has taken into his custody. He believes news of the wedding will bring Robin in an attempt to release Marian. This will allow the Sheriff to capture Robin and still marry Marian. A good deal for him it seems.

Back in the forest, Robin recruits Little John and Friar Tuck into his band. Little John plans to rescue Marian because he is unknown in the court, but is captured. The evil Barons, Land and Felix, have discovered the Sheriff's treasure in the castle and they decide to steal it for their own ends. Thus is highlighted by a great song, 'Double Play'.

The wedding day arrives with Robin's men and women mingling with the crowd. They emerge to rescue Marian but, in the melee, things are looking bad for Robin when suddenly King Richard and his knights return.

Prince John and the Sheriff are deposed, Robin and Marian are together and we have a happy ending as it all should be. Great songs and costumes. Lots of laughs in the story. Thus is well worth a look.

Written by Don Hillam, music by David Wall, Don Hillam & Dale Alison

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